The PRB-RSC is a voluntary assembly of program directors and core faculty from pediatric and medicine-pediatric programs dedicated to better understanding and interventions addressing burnout and resilience in these vulnerable residents.

The PRB-RSC as an assembly of programs is:

  • Voluntary
  • Inclusive
  • Inquisitive
  • Empirically grounded
  • Committed to ongoing efforts
  • Driven to develop evidence for best interventions that promote wellness in our residents

PRB-RSC Activities

In addition to collaborative research projects, the PRB-RSC conducts annual meetings (at the APPD Spring Meeting each year) and Member Webinar to connect the sites with the PRB-RSC activities and work. Below is a list of PRB-RSC Group Activities:

Meeting Dates Location
PRB-RSC 2016 Annual Survey Webinars
First PRB-RSC Annual Meeting
PRB-RSC 2017 Organization Webinar
PRB-RSC 2017 Annual Survey Launch Webinars